General Questions

1What is AIAT?
The All India Astronomy Test is a national educational online exam designed by COSMOS ASTRONOMY EDUCATION AND RESEARCH ORGANIZATION to encourage Indian students of Class 3rd to 12th who wants to pursue their career further in Physics, Maths, Astronomy & Space Science.
2What is COSMOS Astronomy Education & Research Organization?
This Organization is a deep technology Astronomy & Stem education company, engineering path-breaking solutions established for the purpose of fostering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through the promotion of space exploration. Their main goal is to Inspire and educate the students and encourage them for Space Exploration which will create a new generation of advanced scientists, engineers, and astronauts.
3How to Enroll for the AIAT 2019-20?
The First step is to Register Your School for this Astronomy Test. Thereafter, the Registered schools are requested to send the details of the applicants in the prescribed Registration Form excel sheet along with the Fees within 20 days of Registration. Post Payment the Registered School will get Login Id & Password to enter the Portal of AIAT 2018.
4Is this online or OMR based test?
This is completely online based astronomy test. If any school have internet issue then they need to connect AIAT at +91 9999-83--77-52 for OMR Based Exam.
5Who all are eligible for AIAT 2019-20?
Students from Class 3rd to 12th can participate. However, Questions and Level will be different for each Group.
6Syllabus for AIAT 2019-20?
Will be uploaded soon on our Facebook Page. Stay Connected!
7Venue of Exam?
Your School only
8We don't have Computer labs in School, What to do?
Connect us on +91 9999-83-77-52
9We have a Computer Lab in School but no internet connection, What to do?
Connect us on +91 9999-83-77-52
10How we can prepare for AIAT 2019-20?
Once you get enrolled, We will provide you Login Id & Password to enter the Portal of AIAT 2018. Through Portal, One can download Syllabus, Study Materials, Sample paper, Astronomy E-book etc for the preparation of Exam.
11Are the materials in the portal sufficient for the exam?
Yes, but as competition is tough u can take help from more reference books.
12What will be the exam date?
AIAT First Phase will start in the third week of December till January second week. Selected students from the first phase will give the second & Final phase in January Last week. Exact Dates should be announced later.
13If the questions are the same for all the Schools?
No, There are total 50 sets of different question paper of the same level to avoid any kind of bypass of questions.